Starting the Journey

I’ve started this blog with the idea to share words and images of the things, people and places that I experience along my life journey. I have no idea where this path will lead me, so I will just follow the breadcrumbs along the way, maybe onto well trodden roads or some less traveled, who knows. At the moment I’m still cutting a path open getting to know the blog’s machanics; where is what and what can do what, but that can get sorted along the way.

My eldest son has decided to be a sailor of the open seas and with a coastal skipper licence under his belt is doing his second cross Atlantic trip from Cape Town to the Caribbean as a crew member. Already 6 weeks at sea, they should reach the shores of Tortola in 4/5 days which are not soon enough for me. We are still getting used to the idea that our son has chosen a career that does not run in the blood of any of our families and being away at sea for so long with minimal communication, is nerve recking to us. Not to mention it is hurricane season over there and images of hurricane Irene flashing on the TV does not make it easier, but we were the ones who encourage our two sons to live their dreams and passions, to go out and experience the world, let the world be your university, go find yourself, follow your bliss! Ha! not so easy when you are a parent and offered to cut the apron strings yourself. But bless Skipper John for his sailing blog and ship track where we can follow there voyage across the ocean, just his words “all well on board” makes a mother’s heart and I guess the father’s as well, feeling more at peace. Even though I miss him every day, I would still say “go live life, experience new people and places and dance till the sun comes up”.

By Susan Greeff

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